The rules say I am to thank [my girl] for nominating me for this award. Yay, Golli! 😉 So, thanks to you. I shall now proceed to answering the questions put before me as truthfully as I can. Whee!

1. What were you most proud of in 2016?

Despite every urge I had not to, I did stand up for myself at one point. It was sad and painful and terrible and lots of people got hurt. But I did do that. Sometimes the person it’s hardest to fight for can be yourself.

2. What’s your favourite thing to do when you’ve got some spare time?

Tell stories. Preferably together with other people.

3. Which place would you most love to see (again) in your life?

Three: Canada, Ireland and Jesolo – all for different reasons. No, I cannot make up my mind which I’d love to see more.

4. What item on you / in your appartment means the most to you and why? (If you’d like to answer this one)

Tough one. I’ll have to split this one up. On me: That’d be my RCMP hat. People who know me know that I’m not kidding. And the other thing would be a mirror-stand my mom gave me a couple of years back. I still know this thing from when I was a very, very small kid.

5. What person from history would you like to meet and what would you like to do with that person?

Having a nice dinner with my grandpa (father’s side) – because he’s the only grandparent I never met.

6. What is your most favourite dish in the world?

Scaloppine with lemon sauce, rosemary potatoes and buttered carrots and peas.

7. Do you have a most favourite song?

As of this very moment it’s “Read all about it” – though I admit to changing my mind on that a lot.

8. What’s your most amiable quirk?

I’ve been told it’s the way I browse shelves at stores.

9. Can you accept a compliment?

No. I am REALLY bad at that. I either think people are merely trying to flatter me or that they somehow mistook one thing I did for something entirely different.

10. Tea or coffee?

Given the right occasion – either. Though tea is still ahead by a fraction.

11. When you loose an eye-lash or find a dandelion, do you wish for something as you blow them away?

Despite better judgement: Yes.

And here’s for my questions! … Which you can happily disregard for now, since I didn’t come up with any yet. Or someone to tag. Sorry, folks. 😉

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