The rules say I am to thank [my girl] for nominating me for this award. Yay, Golli! 😉 So, thanks to you. I shall now proceed to answering the questions put before me as truthfully as I can. Whee!

1. What were you most proud of in 2016?

Despite every urge I had not to, I did stand up for myself at one point. It was sad and painful and terrible and lots of people got hurt. But I did do that. Sometimes the person it’s hardest to fight for can be yourself.

2. What’s your favourite thing to do when you’ve got some spare time?

Tell stories. Preferably together with other people.

3. Which place would you most love to see (again) in your life?

Three: Canada, Ireland and Jesolo – all for different reasons. No, I cannot make up my mind which I’d love to see more.

4. What item on you / in your appartment means the most to you and why? (If you’d like to answer this one)

Tough one. I’ll have to split this one up. On me: That’d be my RCMP hat. People who know me know that I’m not kidding. And the other thing would be a mirror-stand my mom gave me a couple of years back. I still know this thing from when I was a very, very small kid.

5. What person from history would you like to meet and what would you like to do with that person?

Having a nice dinner with my grandpa (father’s side) – because he’s the only grandparent I never met.

6. What is your most favourite dish in the world?

Scaloppine with lemon sauce, rosemary potatoes and buttered carrots and peas.

7. Do you have a most favourite song?

As of this very moment it’s “Read all about it” – though I admit to changing my mind on that a lot.

8. What’s your most amiable quirk?

I’ve been told it’s the way I browse shelves at stores.

9. Can you accept a compliment?

No. I am REALLY bad at that. I either think people are merely trying to flatter me or that they somehow mistook one thing I did for something entirely different.

10. Tea or coffee?

Given the right occasion – either. Though tea is still ahead by a fraction.

11. When you loose an eye-lash or find a dandelion, do you wish for something as you blow them away?

Despite better judgement: Yes.

And here’s for my questions! … Which you can happily disregard for now, since I didn’t come up with any yet. Or someone to tag. Sorry, folks. 😉

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A Game of Sticks

Once more the web has come up with a fun game amongst bloggers. This time, asking several questions about our most favourite hobby. I got my stick from Gisi. Faithfully translated by yours truly.

What is more important to you, a world which is easy to play in or the story the roleplaying game tells (no matter whether it’s digital or pen&paper)?

At least we start off easy. Thanks.

I prefer story to setting. That choice is the same time and time again. Do I have low standards? Possibly. But I’m also prone to ignore most parts of the lore until I’m presented with them during the story. And with “story” I mean things my characters actually go through as opposed to being confronted with tidbits of lore during game quests.

Sometimes that gets me in trouble because I find out about some details in my character history that really shouldn’t be possible. I guess I annoy the hell out of some of the lore-loving folks out there. For which I’m sorry. Truth of the matter is, though, that what I described above is the only way for me to remember the lore at all.

Which of your characters is most like you and why?

There’s really no single answer to this. I’m like all of them. And none. Because they’re all aspects of me. So I guess I’ll just give two examples and hope they’ll serve.

Nate: Smart guy, often appears childish and very often misunderstood. Seen as arrogant, too witty and what have you. Quite a few of my closest friends report that when they first got to know me they thought of me as rather arrogant. I’ve been told by my family repeatedly that I’m too sharp-tongued around them.

Alejandro: Whatever happens, this guy seems secure in what he says and does, no matter whether that’s actually the case or not. He also has the ability to gather people around him who believe in him. Looking at my circle of friends I feel I am gifted the same way. And as for seeming secure? Fake it till you make it, I guess. Seems to work pretty well in real life.

Which character is least like you and why?

Cinlir: Don’t get me wrong. I love that guy. But he’s not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. On top of that, he’s also very dominant, very demanding and cares little for the opinion of others. He does have many virtues and I do think he’s a good character as well as a good man. But not quite the type of man I’d want to be.

What type of character do you prefer? Are you the team leader, the follower, the lone wolf or something else entirely?

Wolf! … Not true though. No matter what I try, I usually end up with one type or another of a leader archetype. I’ve tried to break that trend every once in a while, but it’s still what I eventually end up with.

How do you create a LARP character?

Usually I see a movie, read a book or something and then I think of one of the characters I’d kind of like to play once. Then I start taking that concept, pick it apart, add my own ideas and shake it up a lot. A lot! And a name. The name usually does a lot to change the concept I had in mind. A good thing, because I don’t want to end up playing exactly that guy from that movie. I do want to make them my own.

Has any of your characters ever died in the game? If so, which was the most notable demise?

Several actually. None in any LARP though, which is probably good for now.

The most notable thing was Alejandro’s death – not because of said death being particularly dramatic, but rather because of how people mourned for him. Just thinking of that makes me sad as much as it makes me proud.

Which scene with which character still absolutely has to be told / played?

There’s really nothing special I have in mind. What I do feel is that there’s no character yet that I’ve played to the point where I’d say his story is over. And I’d really love for that to happen at some point. To finish telling that one story.

Which character from a book, movie, MMO would you like to embody once?

Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Yes, I’m a simple creature like that. You didn’t ask why, so I’m not going to tell. 😉

What does the perfect game world look like to you?

It will have horses and wolves, dragons, wings, emotes and allow for me to adjust the UI in every way imaginable, especially concerning text size. As far as mechanics are concerned, it will be simple. Things will look cool. Sound would have to be remarkable. And it needs a good story that’ll surprise me. … But that’s really likely to change every couple of days, folks. Priorities change over and over again.

Is there a point for you at which a character is “finished” and no further development is to be expected?

Simply put: No. Which is why I find it so hard to come around to what I said in question 7. I’m pretty sure I’ll never reach that point. Most of the time I don’t think I want to.

Which character you met while roleplaying (PC or NPC) commands your respect?

PCs – several really. People who play characters who are happy to stand around, guarding someone. Not because they’re too lazy to spark a good story themselves or because they think it’s their obligation as a GM or NPC, but because they decided to play a role that would sometimes have them do something boring or a chore they dislike – and they still do it, just to let the rest shine a little brighter.

Wow… Considering how much I love writing, I really suck at those things. Huh. Alas, here be my eleven questions. And the stick goes to anyone who can find it. 😉 Seeing as I just started.

  1. Describe the concept you found hardest to play up to now?
  2. Have you ever created your own setting? If so, which? If not – what would you most like to come up with?
  3. What character really scared you and why?
  4. Is there any character you are embarrassed about? Why?
  5. What character are you most proud of and why?
  6. Describe your perfect game evening.
  7. What character of another player would you most love to have come up with yourself?
  8. What concept would you refuse to play and why?
  9. Do you prefer playing with a group of people you know or is it more favourable to team up with new folks?
  10. Is there a setting you utterly dislike?
  11. If you could wish for one thing in gaming society to change (and that would actually happen, just because you wished it), what would that change be?

Now, guys – fetch!

Big Red

And with that I mean the big red reset button I once more hit with my virtual home. Let’s see where the journey will take me this time.